What God cannot do (and how we humans seem to be superior to God)


My knowledge of God is limited, but I thought I knew that he is omnipotent (can do everything), omniscient (knows everything), and omnipresent (is everywhere). But it seems I’m wrong. Thomas Aquinas, the leading Catholic philosopher, lists what God cannot do, and I’ve added what we can do that God cannot do.

God cannot be a body. We all are.

God cannot change himself, making him somehow surely less than the most humble of us.

God cannot fail, whereas we all do.

God cannot be weary. We all are weary.

God cannot forget. We have forgotten most things.

God cannot repent, but we do.

God cannot be angry. We are regularly.

God cannot be sad. We are sad every day.

God cannot make a man have no soul. We try hard to do so.

God cannot make the sum of the angles of a triangle not be two right angles. Nor can we. Here we and God are equal, under mathematics.

God cannot undo the past. We try.

God cannot commit sins. We do little else, St Augustine tells us.

God cannot make another God. We humans have made a thousand Gods and are still making more.

God cannot make himself exist. I could, right now if I tried.


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