Please contribute to the manifesto and values of a new political party—“Life is tough, and we have no solutions”

A long time ago I proposed a new political party called “Life is tough, we have no solutions.” There were a few enthusiasts, but it slid into oblivion. Now seems the time to revive it.

Unfortunately our manifesto and statements of values, which was one document, was lost. I’m trying to revive it, and I’ve begun by “brainstorming” the new list and getting input from Jane Smith. The philosophers among you may recognise inconsistencies, but one of our beliefs is that “consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.”

Now I invite everybody to contribute. Once we have a list I will find a way to cull it to the essentials—either through voting or any other method that takes my fancy.

Please send your promise or value as a comment.


Draft manifesto and values

Death is inevitable, prepare for it.

You will be constantly misunderstood

There is a simple solution for all complex problems, and it’s wrong

There is no they, only us–and we don’t control anything

The world is too complicated to control.

They who would do good should do so in minute particulars – so no grand gestures

There are no single issues and always trade offs

Failure teaches us only one thing, that failure is everywhere

Setting out to make things better will make them worse most of the time

Our world is held in precarious balance, and the balance is easily disturbed

Our only promises are death and confusion

We offer talk, which should be ignored, but not action

Most people are innumerate, so don’t believe any numbers

Human brains are highly and attractively imperfect

The monkey in us overwhelms the angel

Music offers more understanding than words

In God we trust, all others bring data

We eat no beasts but recognise that we are beasts

Sickness, pain, and suffering are part of being human and to be celebrated not supressed

Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds

There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in anybody’s philosophy

Immortality would be unbearable, so welcome death

Walking is better than driving

If there is a God, he or she is not interested in you

Doubts are normal, conviction is not

Your policies will fail

Your failures will be celebrated, your successes forgotten

If you’re not confused you don’t know what’s happening

Being transparent is attractive but hopeless; the devious rule the world




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