A visit to the modern art gallery in Helsinki

What do I remember?

  1. A video of the artist, a young woman, walking through famous tourist sites with her eyes closed and pantomime eyes painted on her eyelids. She is not seeing in places where people go to see. Nobody seems to notice that she can’t see. Does this say something about Finland—beside Russia, which the world is watching closely, but is unseen?
  2. A long line of pots of different sizes each of which contains different smells. You lift the cardboard lid and smell. There’s patchouli, fennel, linseed (?), etc. A big pot in the middle of the line contains all the smells. It’s called Babylon an international city that contained the different smells of the different peoples. Finland, like the rest of Europe, is currently engaged in a spirited debate over immigrants, people who smell differently.
  3. A small cone of bright blue crystals, fairy dust. The weight of the crystals exactly equals the weight of the artist after cremation.
  4. A room with the ceiling collapsing.
  5. Two large videos facing each other. One shows a visit to the Antarctic, very cold and beautiful, the other a trip to Myanmar. The artist has placed them opposite each other to show the poverty of rational thinking.
  6. A sculpted head where, when you look closely, you see that the curls are ears. A message to listen, an important message for me who talks too much. I photographed it.ears

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