My funniest video of the year

James, our son who lives in Mexico, has sent us through WhatsApp a 17 second video that made us all laugh repeatedly and makes me laugh now as I think of it. (I can’t share it, the beauty of WhatsApp.)

The star of the video is Alexander, our two-and-a-half-year old grandson, who is simultaneously learning English and Spanish. He’s in the back of the car, and James, who is not visible, says:

“What’s your name?”

“No,” says Alexander with great force and a smile. He rightly refuses to be a performing monkey and has learnt to enjoy defiance and showing that he is a strong-minded independent individual.

“Can you count in English?”

“No,” answers Alexander, again with great force, immediacy, and a smile.

“Do you want some Christmas presents?”

Alexander pauses and with comic timing worthy of his great uncle says: “OK.”

James told us afterwards that this was a repeat performance, as he hadn’t videoed the first version. Alexander, we could see, knew that he was part of a comic performance.

(I recognise, of course, that the script is not nearly as funny as the video.)


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