Quotes from Proust I: how to understand the human heart

My gift to the world for 2017 is to share my collection of quotes from Proust. When I first read Proust some 36 years ago I didn’t harvest quotes, or if I did I don’t have them now. I don’t know which volume these first quotes come from, but as we proceed I will. Doses will be small because it’s strong stuff.

 I have always been more open to the world of potentiality than to the world of contingent reality. This helps one to understand the human heart.

Wellbeing results far less from the soundness of our health than from the surplus of our energies, which we can achieve just as well by restricting the scope of our activity as by increasing our strength.

I wondered whether marriage with Albertine might not spoil my life, not only by making me assume the too arduous task of devoting myself to another person, but by forcing me to live apart from myself because of her continual presence and depriving me for ever of the joys of solitude.

What could be more poetic than Xerxes, son of Darius, ordering the sea to be scourged with rods for having engulfed his fleet.


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