Four marvellous minutes with a toddler

This popped up on my Facebook page today because it happened exactly a year ago. I remember it clearly and want to preserve it on my own website.

“When you are 17 months old every moment is an adventure. As an adult you can share the adventure.

Alexander, my grandson, toddles off through the main square in Guanajuato, Mexico, with me close behind. People swerve to avoid him. After glancing in at a restaurant he greets an elderly woman begging in the street. She smiles. He waves at her and says “Bye.”

Now he climbs stairs into a room full of slot machines. He toddles over to where a seven year old boy is shooting monsters. Fascinated he wants me to him pick up so he can see. We watch monsters being gunned down. Alexander smiles at the boy’s mother who smiles back. People give such open unconditional smiles to toddlers.

On our way back to breakfast Alexander elicits another smile from the woman begging.

That was an exciting four minutes,”

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