Suggestions for exciting eating in London

When I was young London was famous for the awfulness of its food: visiting Americans brought sandwiches, and Parisians just went hungry. But now that’s all changed, and Freddie, my chef son, has been part of the reformation. An American fried recently asked for advice on where her daughter might eat in London, and Freddie came up with such a good list that I asked him if I could share it. He agreed.


“Pop Brixton is a really interesting place to visit. It is a collection of restaurants in shipping containers. My favourites there are Kricket, Other side Fried, Duck Duck Goose, and Donostia.

Kiln in Soho is fantastic Thai food. The Smoking Goat is a Thai grill in a pub – interesting and tasty food. Hoppers is Sri Lankan and fantastic. Bao is Taiwanese and very very cool. I would highly recommend all of these – they are all very good value. Padella is a great value pasta bar in London Bridge but no reservations.

Potentially a little more expensive but worth it would be Barrafina (tapas), the Palomar (modern Israeli) and Quality Chop House (British).

Flat Iron is also brilliant for high quality good value steak.

This website is also a great source for ideas: ”



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