Playing Snap with Alexander

Alexander plays Snap and Snakes and Ladders, but he prefers Snap because there’s more shouting and more action. Alexander, Perla, and I played this morning after breakfast while outside it snowed.

We play Jungle Snap. Alexander has no concept of dealing but he does of sharing — and throws us our cards. He likes to start, and we all shout the names as we put down the cards. A few weeks ago he didn’t quite grasp the idea of taking it in turns, but now he does.










“Snap,” shouts Alexander, who pulls the cards to himself.

Although he likes winning, he doesn’t mind Perla or me winning sometimes–but not too often.

Alexander has no notion of cheating, and it soon dawns on him that if he looks at his card before he puts it down he’ll be ahead of Perla and me. Then he takes another step forward and realises that he can pick out a card to match the card on top of the pile, creating Snap.

So he has quickly learnt techniques to increase his chance of winning, but is it time to teach him about rules and cheating? Ironically he interrupts the game at times to point to the box that holds the cards and says: “Wozz it sezz?”

“Snap, the rules,” I answer.



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